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Pinnacle Pet Group to enter French market through acquisition of HD Assurances

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Leading French pet insurance brand Assur O’Poil and award-winning online vet booking platform CaptainVet to join PPG

LONDON – Tuesday, 04 April 2023:

Pinnacle Pet Group (“PPG”), a leading pan-European pet insurance provider with JAB Holding Company as controlling shareholder, today announced it will acquire HD Assurances, a leading animal health insurance broker, selling its insurance products under the brand Assur O’Poil in France, Belgium, and Italy.

Founded by entrepreneur Hubert Derai in 1990 as a Managing General Agent (“MGA”), HD

Assurances provides pet insurance products to more than 120,000 customers. With PPG’s

support, HD Assurances will seek to expand its distribution channels, accelerate product

innovation, and broaden its offering.

Following the completion of the transaction, Hubert Derai will continue to support Assur

O’Poil as Managing Director.

“Over the last 20 years, Hubert Derai has successfully created a pet insurance champion in

Europe that truly puts pets first,” said Dirk Beeckman, CEO of JAB’s pet insurance portfolio.

“We are thrilled that Hubert will remain with the company, allowing PPG and Assur O’Poil to

continue benefiting from his leadership expertise, network and market insights.”

“Our extraordinary success has been underpinned by our unwavering love for pets,” said

Derai. “We believe in PPG’s long-term vision for the future of pet insurance and are thrilled to

be part of its ambitious expansion plans. Working together, we will be able to ensure that

more animals receive the care they need while reimbursing veterinary providers in real-


Captain Vet

PPG is also acquiring CaptainVet, an innovative and award-winning online vet appointment booking platform. Founded in 2017, CaptainVet currently operates in France and Belgium, and services over 1,100 veterinarians. With the support of PPG, CaptainVet will expand its service offering in France and explore the entrance of new markets across Europe.

PPG was formed in 2021 to provide owners and animals access to the best insurance and

care available across the U.K. and Europe.

About Pinnacle Pet Group

Pinnacle Pet Group (“PPG” or “the Group”) is a leading pan-European pet insurance provider

controlled by JAB Holding Company. The Group offers a complete range of pet insurance

products and services, catering to animal owners, distribution partners, breeders, shelters,

and veterinarians. The Group was established in 2021 through a joint venture with BNP

Paribas Cardif.

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