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Dog dental care: your guide to dog teeth cleaning

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Do you know you should brush dogs teeth at least 3 times a week to reduce the risk of advanced dental disease developing?

Follow these tips:

  1. Start with a soft cloth that can be used to wipe the teeth, front and back. Do this twice daily and after about two weeks your dog should be accustomed to the procedure.

  2. Then using a dog’s toothbrush, soak the toothbrush in warm water and start brushing twice daily for several days, only adding the toothpaste once your pet accepts the brushing.

  3. The toothpaste should be placed between the bristles rather than on top - this allows the paste to spend the maximum possible time next to the teeth.

  4. Place the toothbrush bristles at the gum edge where the teeth and gum meet and then move the brush in an oval pattern. The bristle ends should go into the area around the base of each tooth and into the space between the teeth.

  5. Complete ten short back-and-forth motions, covering three to four teeth at a time. Pay most attention to the outside of the upper teeth.

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